Money Making Ideas: Receipt Hog

ImageSnap Receipts. Earn Coins.  Redeem For $$.

If you are an Apple iPhone user, download the Receipt Hog application to start snapping photos of your receipts and earning coins.  You begin at the ‘Runt’ level, earning 10 coins for each receipt you upload.  You then progress to ‘Piglet’, ‘Weaner’ and finally ‘Hog’ status, in which you earn 25 coins per receipt you upload.  You can upload receipts from supercenters, grocers, clubs, drug, dollar, pet supply & convenience stores.  Once you reach 1000 coins, you can cash out $5.00 to your registered PayPal account.

You will not get rich off this app, though if you are shopping multiple drug and grocery stores throughout the week, you can earn $5.00 at ‘Hog’ Status with just 40 receipts!  Check out Receipt Hog’s Website for further details, or download from the App Store.


Drug Store Shopping 101

Many of you may be new to the drug store shopping game.  After years of searching for deals and clipping coupons, I have found drug store shopping to be the best way to stock up on toiletries, household items, pantry items, and even gift cards at little to no out of pocket cost.

This week I would like to cover the basics of drug store shopping in a series of posts, covering CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and Rite Aid.

So let’s get started.  Check out CVS 101, Walgreens 101 or Rite Aid 101 to start your drug store savings!