Welcome to How I Saved!

Welcome to How I Saved- your new online, money-saving resource.

As a teenager, I would babysit my Aunt’s two children.  Going on family vacations with them, weekend stays, and spending my summers off of school at their house.  My income as a babysitter was pretty substantial, considering I had no expenses and well- was a 12-year old with no relevant experience helping out a family member.  Despite how much I made, I was always able to save a good portion of that paycheck.  My top purchases were clothing, accessories, shoes, CD’s and movie passes.  Though- the amount that I was able to save on sales items and local deals allowed me to buy that much more.  My Aunt would joke “You should write a book on how you saved a Million Dollars!”

Fast forward 15 years later.  My income is considerably higher now working as an Accounting Manager for an IT Firm.  I am grateful for my work flexibility which allows me to work from home and focus on things outside of the daily 9-5, like my fiancee’, my soon-to-be 3-year old step-daughter, and our new baby on the way, expected June 13th 2012.  A few other things have changed since my summers of changing my nephew’s diapers.  I also have those adult responsibilities- like rent, a car payment, grocery shopping lists, and utility bills. By moving a little further away from the city my fiancee’ works, we were able to save on our monthly rent.  And though we do spend slightly more on gas each month with the commute, I downgraded to a more economical car, and a lower car payment.  Now I’m focusing on everything else.  The everyday items that may seem small, but they add up to a lot!

Using the same savings savvy I did as a teenager, I am able to save hundreds each month on our grocery bill, in addition to freebies that fill my mailbox daily, local deals, deep discounts on online retailers, and free gift cards, electronics, and more that I earn online in just a few minutes each day.  Stay updated with me by visiting How I Saved, or subscribe to email updates, follow me on Twitter, or Facebook to get in on the savings yourself!

I look forward to having you all here.


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